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Rabbit Language book

reviews of my book



Rabbit Language, the book

Rabbit Language or "Are you going to eat that?" published by Howell Park Press is the perfect gift for those who share their home with a pet rabbit. With over 30 color illustrations. Humorous yet informative. Order it from your bookseller or (64 pages, softcover, Get the 2nd ed: ISBN 978-0-9793088-0-2.) Some reviews that we have received are compiled to the left (below).

Rabbit Ears rabbit rescue

Run by Judy Hardin in El Cerrito, California, RabbitEars is a rabbit rescue (takes care of other critters too), and a pet supply store. They have wonderful events, rabbit toys and accessories, and other supplies. Hardin, though not a vet, is an expert on many medical issues for rabbits.

House Rabbit Society

While we joke around a bit, the HRS has the serious info you need to know. Their book, House Rabbit Handbook, changed my life (by giving me the guts to take home a bunny from the Pound) and the lives of many rabbits! Buy it from their website. They also have a great newsletter and chapters in every area.

medical info

Here's a link to the Merck Veterinary manual for rabbits.

The 5 Minute Veterinary Consult: Ferret and Rabbit (came out Spring 2006). A pricey book that vets and veterinary students use.

Small Pet Select

Good hay, other good rabbit products. Start with Timothy Hay 2nd cut for a rabbit.When hay arrives, keep it in the plastic bag and give them a handful a day. It will keep your bunnies healthy and very happy! It smells so good, I almost want to eat it. This hay is better than any hay you can buy in a store.

American Pet Diner

Good place to buy food and hay.

A good site if you want to bond with other rabbit owners. I find it helpful to search for more info on symptoms and rabbit health.

rabbits at

A rabbit site with a great deal of health info and other valuable rabbit links.




House Rabbit Handbook book

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