Crampton published Rabbit Language or "Are you going to eat that?" in 2004 in response to many requests from visitors who read the original version on her website. She updated the text, added drawings and the book sales took off. It was a great way to get artwork out to the world. The book now has many imitators.

Crampton started a publishing company called Howell Park Press with her best friend, Mary Ann Wolf. They met at age six, when Carolyn moved next door, and have been life-long friends. They published Dumbunny together, see below.

All books are also available directly from Crampton via email or in her studio.

Ladybird: My Eight Lives

Released in June 2016, Crampton wrote and illustrated a story about a typical rabbit who moves from home to home and eventually winds up as an artist model. It's a hare-raising story, inspired by a true story, written in rhyme with a challenging vocabulary. Softcover, 88 pages with 80 color illustrations created in charcoal, ink wash, and iPad Pro, for children 5 to 12, $18.99, Howell Park Press.

Where to find Ladybird: My Eight Lives:

Christopher's Books,
1400 18th St. @ Missouri, San Francisco.

RabbitEars, 10342 San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito.

If you run a rabbit shelter, we'd love to get you books at a low price. Please contact us directly.


"Dumbunny" and "Rabbit Language" are available for download for Apple iPad users. (We wanted the highest quality and we are satisfied that we came as close as possible to the original design.) Dumbunny is available on Amazon kindle. Click on the links below:


Crampton illustrated Dumbunny, a book by Mary Ann Wolf, which is available in bookstores, on Amazon and it was just released for Kindle. It's an enchanting story starring the only backwards bunny you are ever likely to meet. The story was originally written by Mary Ann's mother in the 1960s and this version has been in production since the 1980s! This bedtime story is especially good for children who feel different in some way. It looks best as a hardcover, 50 pages with 50 color illustrations created in charcoal, ink wash, and Photoshop, for children 3 to 12, $27, Howell Park Press.

Rabbit Language or 'Are you going to eat that?'

Crampton is the author and illustrator of this humorous guide to understanding a pet rabbit. It's the perfect gift for rabbit lovers or anyone who love animals. Get it at Apple's iTunes store for iPad3, bookstores or on Amazon. Get the second edition (list price is better). Softcover, 64 pages, fully illustrated in pen and ink, $16.99, Howell Park Press.

More about Rabbits

Rabbit lovers and bunny owners, please visit Crampton's rabbit site HERE for information about caring for rabbits.



Image of Carolyn Crampton by Judy Reed

Carolyn Crampton. Photo by Judy Reed.

Image of book covers for Dumbunny and Rabbit Language

The books available (see left column).